This experience might be a waste of time


Being ready when the opportunity comes around one more time for me 

Don’t get consumed into another’s life when you aren’t able to consume yours

I wonder what dreams tell me these days…

5 more days!!!

It is scary and shocking when you hear from a relative on what needs to happen after the relative passes away, especially when that relative is your dad. Cancer is a very unfortunate thing to have and the news you would be waiting to hear once you turn 50 is of course “no”. But my dad, being the person he is, he likes to plan ahead although things may turn out to be bad or nothing. 

I have been anxious and worrying for the past few weeks and the household has been silent because nobody wants to hear anyone talk about a future without them. To be honest it can get annoying trying to wait while it could be nothing at the same time. 

But then it got me thinking, what if? What if my dad was to have cancer and to go restless for the next couple of months of various planning on what has to happen in order to proceed onto life. 

I tend to have a lot of arguments due to me always planning ahead sometimes because life has no such thing as planning because you have to ride it out and see what happens. I know always want things a certain way, but I now realize that the best moments happen when you least suspect it. 

Two days ago, I called my dad to ask him how his last procedure went to see if he actually has cancer. Andddddd the good news is that he does not! I was so relieved and now I can proceed to living life the way it should be. 

13 more days. Waiting sucks!

It is said we are created to love and to not do things to others as we wouldn’t want them done to us. 

It is complete BS sometimes. 

People can hurt.

We can use pain to provide us happiness (not in the most literal sense).

Our fears, our dangers, and our pain can then be used to create happiness towards others. 

We are human, but I am Other. 

It’s the little things we see in people that are special to us which we appreciate the most.